When Will The Home of Me Begin


“When Will The Home Of Me Begin”
Words & Music: Billie Hughes

When will the home of me begin
Of wood and stone to keep out the storm and wind
There’s loads of hunger and despairing men
When will the main beams be lifted high
To shelter me from the watcher’s eye

When will the sea of me disappear
Of second nature days and seersucker seers
Feelings are made not born and true truth feared
There are no thoughts to think no decisions to be made
The nectar of knowledge and life is now sugar-free kool-aid

When will the real of me be free
To take as prisoner and let him be
The salt of the earth and the foam of the sea
Have you not heard
Have you not seen
The night bells ringing the sirens screaming
The prisoner made his break clean

© Noa Noa Music