“Won’t You Be Mine”

“Ni De Se Cai (Your Colors) (Qui Con Me)”

Written by Roxanne Seeman, George Komsky, Ivo Moring, Saverio Principini

Appeared on “Singer 2020” 

Studio version released on March 27, 2020

The Jeremiah Show


We continue our Season 6 special, bringing you the most influential Women of Power & Inspiration in 2019, women who are making a difference in the world.

Boon Hui Lu – “Wrong But Right”

Written by Boon Hui Lu, Roxanne Seeman, Victor Lau & I-Wei Wu

from album “Honestly Me”

January 4, 2019

H.I.M. International, Taiwan

edray 2017 website photo

Edray Teodoro – “What You Doin’ Tonight”

Written by Roxanne Seeman, Melody Noel & Tinashe Sibanda

from the EP “Edray”

April 28, 2017

MCA Music, Inc., The Philippines


Nils Landren – “Everyday Is Christmas”

Written by Roxanne Seeman & Philipp Steinke

from the album “Christmas With My Friends V”

October 28, 2016

ACT Music, Germany

“Jambalaya, the Musical”

at The Orpheum Theatre, New Orleans
Opening: November 30th, 2016
“Put It In The Pot”
Written by Roxanne Seeman & Kennard Ramsey

dare devil


Season 2 Episode 1 “Bang”
air date: March 18, 2016

Rainie Yang – Tick Tock 青春鬥

Written by Roxanne Seeman, Kine Ludvigsen-Fossheim & Olav Fossheim
Sony Taiwan 新力唱片



“Watch This!”
Written by Roxanne Seeman – Robin Grubert – Ali Zuckowski
“When Love Calls Your Name”
Written by Richard Cocciante & Roxanne Seeman
From the album “Z”
August 7, 2015


Jason Dy

The Voice of The Philippines
“Caught In That Feeling”
“When You Hear this Song”
“Turn Out The Night”
from the album “Jason Dy”
August 7, 2015
MCA Music, Inc.


Jason Dy

Winner, The Voice of The Philippines
“Caught In That Feeling”
Written by Roxanne Seeman, Daniel Lindstrom & Fredrick Samsson
Single release, March 30, 2015
MCA Music Philippines


Earth, Wind & Fire

“Everyday Is Christmas”
Written by Roxanne Seeman & Philipp Steinke
from the album “Holiday”
October 21, 2014
Sony Music


Paolo Onesa

“Lucky In Love”
Written by Roxanne Seeman & Daniel Nitt
“Which Way, Robert Frost?”
Written by Roxanne Seeman & Philipp Steinke
from the album “Pop Goes Standards”
February 17, 2014
MCA Music


Paolo Onesa

The Voice of The Philippines
“Lucky In Love”
Written by Roxanne Seeman & Daniel Nitt
September 23, 2013
MCA Music

Elhaida Dani

Winner of The Voice Of Italy
“When Love Calls Your Name” show and finale performance
written by Roxanne Seeman & Riccardo Cocciante
RAI Television/Universal Music
Milan, Italy
May 30, 2013




Elhaida Dani

The Voice Of Italy
“When Love Calls Your Name”
written by Roxanne Seeman & Richard Cocciante
May 23, 2013

Enters iTunes Italy chart at #7


Saint Lu

Falling For Your Love
Written by Saint Lu, Roxanne Seeman & Jimmy Messer
from the album “2”
Warner Germany
February 15, 2013

Hollywood Heights

Hollywood Heights airing internationally!

Canada, airing January 7, 2013
Netherlands, airing February 4, 2013
Poland, airing February 4, 2013
Australia, airing February 11, 2013
Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand airing February 11, 2013


June 20, 2012

Play It Tonight play-512

Girls Like Me play-512

Tick Tock play-512

June 29, 2012

Turn Out The Night play button

Beat Don’t Lieplay button

Move It Ahead play button

Down & Dirty

Play It Tonight (mp3)play-512

Hollywood Heights Facebook Page
Hollywood Heights: Full Episodes
Hollywood Heights tumblr

Tune in the series to hear more songs currently airing.

Miss Universe China Pageant 2012 opening performance

Miss Universe China Pageant beauty contestants dance to Tick Tock by Tick Tock Team.
Tick Tock, written by Roxy Seeman, Kine Ludvigsen-Fossheim, and Olav Fossheim,
is the English version of Rainie Yang’s hit Chinese song “Qing Chun Dou”.

Miss Universe China Pageant 2012

Yue Sai Kan’s introduction speech

Yue-Sai Kan introduces Miss Universe China Pageant 2012,
premier fashion event of the year, with beauty contestants from 7 provinces and 19 cities.
Yue-Sai Kan gives special thanks to Roxy Seeman for the opening song of the event.

Cecilia Han (韩雪) – Lonely Kiss (爱就一把火)

written by Roxanne Seeman, Claus Christensen, Per Lange & Simon Munk
Gold Typhoon
August 15, 2012

Lonely Kiss play-512


Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour

Jacky Cheung Double Trouble play-512


Lin Yu Chun

Saving Grace
written by Roxanne Seeman, Philipp Steinke & Finn Martin
from the album “Endlessly”
Sony Taiwan
November 18, 2011

Saving Grace play-512

Lost in Panic Cruise

Kun Yang 楊坤 – “Hui Bu Hui (Will We)” 

Produced by Zhang Yadong 張亞東
written by Roxanne Seeman, Fredrik Samsson & Tobias Forsberg

October 13th, 2011
Mainland China

Hui Bu Hui (Will We)play-512

theme song of “Lost In Panic Room” 密室之不可告人
Mainland China movie directed by Fanfan Zhang 張番番
starring Alec Su and Yang Kun 蘇有朋 & 楊坤
“Lost In Panic Cruise” is the sequel to the 2010 film “Lost In Panic Room”


Roxanne Seeman and Jacky Cheung, Shanghai January 3, 2011
JC 1/2 Century Tour, After Party, Four Seasons Shanghai


Jacky Cheung – Everyday is Christmas

Top 10 Downloaded Festive Songs

Jacky Cheung Everyday is Christmas play-512


Jacky Cheung

Private Corner Mini-Concert DVD
July 23, 2010

Stephy Tang – “No One Knows”

written by Roxonne Seeman, Kine Ludvigsen & Olav Fossheim
from the album “No One Knows”
Gold Typhoon
June 2010

Rainie Yang – Tick Tock (青春鬥)

written by Roxanne Seeman,
Olay Andreas Fossheim, and Ludvigsen Kine

From the album
“Rainie&Love…?”(雨愛) &
“Whimsical World Collection” (異想天開)
Sony Music

Tick Tock play-512


Arif Mardin – So Blue

written by Arif Mardin & Roxanne Seeman
featuring Chaka Khan & David Sanborn
from the album “All My Friends Are Here”
June 15, 2010

So Blue play-512


“The Greatest Ears In Town:
The Arif Mardin Story”

directed by

Doug Biro & Joe Mardin

Grammy Nomination for Best Long Form Video



Amber Kuo – Arrest Me

from the album “Sparklers”
Warner Music Taiwan
June 9, 2010

Arrest Meplay-512

allen su

Allen Su 蘇醒

“When You Hear The Song” 一首想念的歌
Sony China


“Double Trouble” — #1

HMVHK sales chart
(most popular Hong Kong radio chart) April 2010.

Jacky Cheung “Private Corner” album – 13 weeks #1 HMVHK sales chart.
“Private Corner” includes 5 songs written by Roxanne Seeman:
Double Trouble, Lucky In Love, Everyday Is Christmas,
Which Way Robert Frost, & Let It Go

Jacky Cheung Double Trouble MV

With sales for Jacky Cheung’s new album Private Corner reaching 200,000 copies
in Asia alone, a celebration gathering was held by Universal Music.
Jacky also debuted his new MV for the song “Double Trouble”,
which he invested HKD$500,000 of his own money to make.
The MV was directed by Xia Yong Kang and features mainland China model Du Juan.


“Soap Opera Weekly : Dream Love Emmy Nomination”

Dream Loveplay-512




Welcome To The Edgeplay-512

Turn It All Aroundplay-512

Two Worlds All Apartplay-512 


Walking On The Chinese Wall

by Philip Bailey produced by Phil Collins
released July 2,2010

Walking on the Chinese Wallplay-512

Roxanne Seeman & Arif Mardin

string session for “So Blue”
Right Track Recording Studio, New York City 2006

“So Blue” written by Arif Mardin with lyrics by Roxanne Seeman, featuring
Chaka Khan & David Sanborn, to release June 15, 2010 on Arif Mardin’s
upcoming album and documentary:

Arif Mardin “All My Friends Are Here” (Coming June 15th, 2010)

Last Recording by Irreplaceable Producer Arif Mardin; Multi Grammy Winner
Considered One of the Greatest Producers of the 20th Century;
Companion Documentary “The Greatest Ears in Town” to Follow


“Lucky In Love”

written by Roxanne Seeman and Daniel Nitt for
Jacky Cheung

appears over the end credits of “Crossing Hennessy”
Hong Kong movie starring Jacky with Wei Tang (Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution”)

“Crossing Hennessy” is produced by Bill Kong, movie producer
“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “Hero”, “House of Flying Daggers”,
“Fearless”, “Lust, Caution”, “Curse of The Golden Flower”.

Lucky In Loveplay-512

34th HKIFF Announces Star-Studded Opening Gala with Crossing Hennessy 25 February, 2010 (Hong Kong) – The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society
(HKIFFS) today announced…the World Premiere of Crossing Hennessy by two-time
Hong Kong Film Award Winner Ivy Ho…will premiere at a star-studded Opening Gala
on 21 March, 2010 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Today’s highly anticipated announcement was made at the W Hong Kong, with the director
and cast members of Crossing Hennessy in attendance. The atmosphere at the press conference
was electric with the arrival of superstar Jacky Cheung; veteran actress and long-time darling
of the Hong Kong film industry, Paw Hee-ching; the popular actress Maggie Cheung Ho-yee; and
last but not least the highly acclaimed screenwriter- turned-director Ivy Ho.

It features acting and singing sensation Jacky Cheung who takes on an impressive acting
challenge with this role. Starring alongside is 29-year old ingénue Tang Wei, who returns
to the silver screen with her last memorable performance in Ang Lee’s 2007 Lust, Caution.

Jacky Cheung 張學友 – “Private Corner”

Everyday is Christmas
Lucky In Love 不只有緣
Double Trouble
Let It Go
Which Way, Robert Frost 找對你
Universal Music 上華唱片
January29, 2010

Everyday is Christmasplay-512
Lucky In Loveplay-512
Double Troubleplay-512
Let It Goplay-512
Which Way Robert Frostplay-512

Jacky Cheung entered at #1 on the hmv record store chart

Uncle Ray interview 2010-01-28play-512

Alejandra Guzman – “Unico”

Amor en Suspenso (Crocodile Tears)
EMI Latin
November 24, 2009

Amor en Suspenso play-512

Linda Chung – “Cha Cha Cha”

Star Entertainment, Hong Kong
November 12, 2009
Cha Cha Chaplay-512

星娛樂 (環宇)

Evan Yo – “All Pumped Up”

from the album “Loneliness”
Sony Music Taiwan
October 9, 2009
All Pumped Upplay-512


寂寞, 好了

Rainie Yang
“Tick Tock”
Sony Japan, Sony Taiwan
Chinese TV drama “Hi, My Sweetheart”


Roxanne Seeman, Uncle Ray & Andrew Tuason
Uncle Ray interview
Hong Kong August 2009


Daniel Lindstrom
“Caught In That Feeling”

New Single Release
Caught In That Feeling play-512
Daniel Lindstrom TV & Radio promo tour
Caught In That Feeling live acoustic play-512

We are happy to announce Billie Hughes’ albums

Welcome To The Edge
Songs From Santa Barbara
Billie Hughes Live
A Tribute To Canadian Songwriters
Billie Hughes & Roxanne Seeman Songs
“I Wanna Yell” from ‘Little Monsters’
Billie Hughes – Shiloh: Awaiting Lazarus
See You Somewhere Around

are now available at the iTunes Music Store
Billie Hughes Welcome To The Edge is available at CD

#1 International Single of the Year in Japan
Welcome To The Edge (Todokanu Omoi) More music available at the iTunes Music Store:
Born To Ride (Theme from “The Young Black Stallion”
David Lasley – Now And Again
Take Me In Your Heart (Theme From “The Black Stallion”)
Saxophone Melodies (feat.Dan Fabiano)

Coming Soon:
Billie Hughes & Roxanne Seeman – First Draft
Sylvia St. James – Wailin’
Don Myrick – Saxophone… Sounds So Beautiful
Szu Yin Ho – Leng Zhan Yi Ye Ching

“Born To Ride”
song developed by Roxanne Seeman
& Gavin Greenaway
from William Ross’ theme from
The Young Black Stallion

Recorded by Biana G. Tamimi
the 11 year old star of The Young Black Stallion
DVD release December 21, 2004
Film Journal International Review
Born To Rideplay-512


Army Archerd Just For Variety

Walking On The Chinese Wall” the song written by Roxanne Seeman and Billie Hughes, will be the finale song for Saturday night’s Wall of Hope all-star concert benefit at the Great Wall of China northern gate outside Beijing. Philip Bailey’s music video of the tune will also play during the show. Bailey recorded the song in 1985 …

Walking on the Chinese Wallplay-512


Sylvia Tosun, Cyndi Lauper and NellyMcKay closed the Wall of Hope Concert with an acoustic version of “Walking On The Chinese Wall”

FujiTV Japan August 2004 DVD releases
Mou Daremo Aisenai
with Welcome To The Edge by Billie Hughes
Ai To Lu Namae Nomo To Ni
with Dreamlove by Billie Hughes

May 19 ABC Television
Jermaine Jackson joins Barbara Walters and the co-hosts for a
“Real Life Hot Topic” and also performs
“Let’s Start Right Now,” Roxanne Seeman’s English lyric for the Brasilian contemporary standard, “Raios de Luz.”

Watch Jermaine’s performance Here


Harem_PBSSpecial sarahhairinface haremcover BillboardBrightmanThumb



Starts January 10th, 2004!

Click On the Pictures for More Info

DVD Release April 6, 2004
Little Monsters
“I Wanna Yell” sung by Billie Hughe
I Wanna Yell play-512

Starring Fred Savage and Howie Mandel
Directed by Richard Greenberg
Written by Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott
(Writers of Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean)

December 2003 release
Goodnite But Not Goodbye
recorded by Nina
platinum Warner Music Int’l
Philippines recording artist
Goodnite But Not Goodbye play-512

“Hold On To The Good Things”
from Stuart Little 2
Recorded by
Shawn Colvin
Film directed by
Rob Minkoff
Hold On To The Good Things play-512
Lyrics    More Credits

” Turning Foreign Verse
into English Prose”

“Variety: Oneness Songwriter Summit”

Reverse Thisplay-512

La interpretacion de
“Quisiera Ser” en espanol por
Alejandro Sanz junto a
las tres atractivas
integrantes del grupo
“Destiny’s Child”.
“Destiny’s Child”
cantando algunas estrofas
en ingles, segun la version
adaptada por
Roxanne Seeman.

“Music Connection : Songwriter Profile Rewind 2002”

“Music Connection : Songwriter Profile”

“Melody Maker: The Sisters Of Mercy”

Under The Gun (Metropolis Mix)play-512

Diane Schuur
The Grammy Winning Voice of Jazz

“Deedles – as Diane’s friends call her, or just Deeds, for short – is crazy about songwriter Roxanne Seeman, who co-contributed “I’d Fly.” “It’s a great love song,” says Deeds of this minor-key tune with the slightly Spanish undercurrent.”

I’d Flyplay-512

David Lasley
“Expectations Of Love”

“Music Connection: Language Skills”

Click picture for more info

“TV Themes, Karaoke Push
CD Singles Production
Up 44% in ’91”

“Chage & Aska Say Yes
To The Japan Nods”

“Versions Of A Soap-Opera Track Cleaning Up In Japan”

Original Confidence
Japanese Charts
#1 Billie Hughes
“Welcome To The Edge”

Welcome to the Edge play-512

The Jackson’s Reunited
If You’d Only Believe play-512

“Melody Maker: The Sisters Of Mercy”

“Bette Midler”

International Box Office”

People & Placesplay-512

Billie Hughes Dream Love now avilable in the iTunes Music Store