Warm Southern Wind

“Warm Southern Wind”
Words & Music:   Billie Hughes

She came into my life
Like a warm southern wind
She was her family’s only daughter
And she said she only wanted to
Begin her life again
And bear a child with me
Would I be the father

We dreamed our dreams
Like lovers do
How could we know what lay before us
For there were storms and wars of ways
That tore our hearts from each other

To the moon and
back again
let the stars above us shine
just say a prayer for your child tonight
make your way home again
like the warm southern wind

I do believe there is a way
To find & feel & free the beauty
Which could be ours too
Live with everybody
Why’s it hidden deep inside our memory

We waited
So long
To make our love

What could be so
Very strong
That we can’t

© Noa Noa Music