chinesephWalking On The Chinese Wall (video) betteniteNight and Day (video)

Let’s Start Right Now (video) 

Philip Bailey “Walking on the Chinese Wall”

Produced by Phil Collins Directed by Duncan Gibbons

Bette Midler “Night and Day”

Produced by Arif Mardin Directed by Meiert Avis

Jermaine Jackson/The View “Let’s Start Right Now”

Introduced on ABC TV by Barbara Walters

Miss Universe China Pageant 2012 Yue Sai Kan’s Introduction Speech

Miss Universe China Pageant 2012 Opening Performance

Miss Universe China 2013 Opening Performance

Yue-Sai Kan gives special thanks to Roxy Seeman for the opening song of the event

Tick Tock Team English version of

Rainie Yang “Tick Tock (Beat the Clock)


Live Permanence of

Jacky Cheung “Double Trouble”




Wink “Yin and Yang”

video song: Mysterious

Dianne Reeves

Blue Note Video


Jacky Cheung Private Corner Mini Concert

Everyday is Christmas

Double Trouble

Let It Go

Which Way Robert Frost

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