Poets and Lovers

“Poets and Lovers”
Billie Hughes

Listen to the poet of your own mind
Listen to him work
Listen to him shine your heart
Listen for the genius of beauty in love
He smiles, the world smiles
He hides and people begin their search
Men who have no love, nor poets in their minds
Speak to me of living on their line
And killing for a cause
In someone elses hidden clause
In some constitution
Peace for the motherland
Triumph in her hand
Beauty in love, he’s here again
The people smile
But the poets and the lovers
What’s that they’re saying
What’s that they’re praying to the people of the world
they’re saying
“Join your hands in ours
In a ring around the world”
We have an answer
We have an answer
A very simple answer
So together join your hands in our
We have an answer
A very simple answer
So listen to an answer
Come together in your ring around your world

© Glass Sea Music