For You And I

“For You And I”
Lyric: Roxanne Seeman
Music: Eduardo del Barrio

How can we live this way
Without the heart; without a care
Without a helping hand
Be my captain; don’t abandon ship
Our love’s in it
Don’t quit

Two strangers, aren’t we
What of the dreams we hoped would be
Was this our destiny?
Don’t you think it’s time we sacrifice
We break the ice
You and I

We may
Pretend we’re on the moon
Two travellers, you and me
To see what we can see

We may
Just like the red balloon
Wander on our way
‘Til we find we end
Home again

Stranger, remember me?
Is this the way it’s gonna be
How did we come to this
When was the last we kissed
Where did I go amiss
Don’t you think it’s time for one last try
For you and I
You and I

© Noa Noa Music