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Tick Tock Team Greatest Hits Volume I (Karaoke Included)

Welcome to the Edge


Hit songs by Tick Tock Team writers
Roxanne Seeman, Kine Ludvigsen-Fossheim
& Olav Fossheim
appearing in Nickelodeon's
"Hollywood Heights" tv series
Miss Universe China Pageant (Mainland China)
as well as English versions
of hit songs recorded in Chinese by
Jacky Cheung, Rainie Yang and Stephy Tang:

Tick Tock
Double Trouble
No One Knows
Cha Cha Cha


Don Myrick Saxophone...Sounds So Beautiful

Welcome to the Edge


Don Myrick, of the Earth, Wind & Fire horn section
The Phenix Horns Esq., recorded these saxophone
interpretations of three Roxanne Seeman songs:
The Blue Line
For You And I
Better Stop
Larry Dunn of the original Earth, Wind & Fire band:
arranger, synthesizer, engineer, mixer
Eddie del Barrio - piano "For You And I"
Billie Hughes: arranger, synthesizer "The Blue Line"
Marcus Miller: bass "The Blue Line"


Sylvia St. James "Wailin'"

Welcome to the Edge


Sylvia St. James,
Mistress of Ceremonies for the World Famous
House of Blues Sunday Gospel Brunch
lent her interpretation to songs penned by
Roxanne Seeman, Billie Hughes, Leon Ware
and others, including:
"Maybe, Maybe"
"Gimme Back Your Heart"

Welcome To The Edge

Welcome to the Edge

#1 International Single of the Year
in Japan

(Todokanu Omoi)

We are happy to announce Billie Hughes' albums

Welcome To The Edge
Songs From Santa Barbara
Billie Hughes Live
A Tribute To Canadian Songwriters

Billie Hughes & Roxanne Seeman Songs

David Lasley

are now available at the iTunes Music Store

Billie Hughes Welcome To The Edge is available at

Welcome To The Edge
and Songs From Santa Barbara
Include Emmy Nominated Songs:
Welcome To The Edge
and other love themes & songs from
Another World, Santa Barbara
The Guiding Light, As The World Turns
One Life To Live, Baywatch
and Oprah Winfrey


Songs From Santa Barbara

Songs from Santa Barbara



Billie Hughes Live

Billie Hughes Live

Billie Hughes Live performance
with Carl Keesee and David Bradstreet
at Carl & Annie Grindstaff's House Concert, 1996. Includes
"Such A Fool", "Pack Up My Bags" and
"When Will The Home Of Me Begin"

A Tribute To Canadian Songwriters

A Tribute to Canadian Songwriters

Songs by David Bradstreet, David Essig,
Brent Titcomb, Bruce Cockburn, Colleen Peterson, David Wiffen, Beverly Glenn-Copeland,
Doug McArthur, Willie P. Bennett.

Billie Hughes: Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer
David Bradstreet: Guitars, Recording Engineer
Carl Keesee: Bass, Sax, Synthesizer
David Houghton: Drums, Percussion
Matt Zimbel: Percussion
Jane Siberry: Background Vocals (Sahajiya)

Billie Hughes & Roxanne Seeman Songs

Billie Hughes & Roxanne Seeman - Billie Hughes & Roxanne Seeman Songs

Includes Billie Hughes recordings of
Billie & Roxanne's hit songs
"Night And Day" by Bette Midler and
"Walking On The ChineseWall"
by Philip Bailey with Phil Collins
and more


Billie Hughes & Roxanne Seeman - Dreamlove

Dreamlove: Songs From Another World

Songs written and recorded by
Billie Hughes & Roxanne Seeman
Includes Emmy-nominated "Dreamlove"
and many other songs which appeared in the television show "Another World"

"Born To Ride"
(Theme from "Young Black Stallion")

Biana Tamimi, Gavin Greenaway & Roxanne Seeman - Born to Ride (Theme from "Young Black Stallion") - EP

Song written by
Roxanne Seeman & Gavin Greenaway
developed from William Ross' theme from
"Young Black Stallion"

Recorded by Biana Tamimi
11-year-old star of Young Black Stallion
Disney IMAX movie
Available now on DVD at

"Take Me In Your Heart"
(Theme from "The Black Stallion")

David Lasley - Take Me In Your Heart (Theme From "The Black Stallion") - EP



Song written by
Carmine Coppola, Italia Pennino,
and Roxanne Seeman
from Carmine Coppola's theme from
"The Black Stallion"

Sung by David Lasley

"I Wanna Yell"
from "Little Monsters"

Billie Hughes - I Wanna Yell (From "Little Monsters") - Single

As sung by Billie Hughes
in the feature film
"Little Monsters"
starring Fred Savage & Howie Mandel

Song written by
Billie Hughes & Roxanne Seeman

Billie Hughes
Shiloh - Awaiting Lazarus

Billie Hughes - Awaiting Lazarus

Songs of Lazarus
Songs written by Billie Hughes
"...Billie Hughes, vocals and guitars, Carl Kesee, vocals and bass,
and Gary Dye, vocals and keyboards,
called themselves SHILOH..." 
Produced by Noel Paul Stookey

David Lasley

David Lasley - Now and Again

Now And Again

David Lasley sings
songs written by
David Lasley & Roxanne Seeman
and songs written by
Roxanne Seeman & others

Billie Hughes
See You Somewhere Around

Billie Hughes - Awaiting Lazarus

Billie Hughes unplugged

Songs written and performed by

Billie Hughes, singing and playing guitar


Sylvia St. James is the lead vocalist,
National Director of Gospel Talent, and
Chief Mistress of Ceremonies for
House of Blues Entertainment.
Ms. St. James presides over the
House of Blues Sunday Gospel Brunch.

Roxanne Seeman captured Sylvia St. James
singing these songs, now vintage recordings.

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