With Me It’s For Life

“With Me It’s For Life” 

English Lyric by Roxanne Seeman
Music: Joau Donato
Portuguese Lyric: Abel Silva

I can’t do one night
You/we turn out the light
With me it’s for life

To have you this once
It’s just not enough
I want you too much

Can’t stay for the evening
The way that I’m feeling
I’ll do myself in

A good enough reason
For me to be leaving
Before we begin

To make love to you
Like I’ve wanted to
I just won’t get over

I’ll want you to call
And then want it all
The more that I know you

I can’t do one night
It’s pointless to try
And we both know why

I can’t have you once
And then give you up
I love you too much

There’s love for the day
That just fades away
And love that’s fair weather

There’s love through the tears
And love that you fear
And true love forever

I can’t do one night
As much as I’d like
Don’t turn out the light

You ask me in spite
To give in tonight
With me it’s for life


© Noa Noa Music